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2021 MAN Cats III Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Interface & CF-52 Laptop Ready To Work

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2021 MAN Cats III Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Interface With Laptop Ready To Work

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Cats III Adapter Kit -  MAN Trucks Diagnostic Tool Scanner Full Set With Laptop ! 


• T427 (WDI-2) Wireless Diagnostic Interface
 • Compatible laptop
 • Smart Card
 • MAN-cats III [2021]
 • MANTIS [2019] (spare parts)
 • MANWIS [2013] (workshop and repair manuals)


T472 (WDI-2) is universally applicable, mobile diagnostic interface used in development, production and workshops. The compact device establishes the communication between the ECUs of a vehicle and an external, PC-based diagnostic application. For that purpose, the T427 is plugged to the vehicle’s OBD connector and contacts the test computer alternatively via WLAN or tethered.

T472 support all current vehicle buses and diagnostic protocols as well as the D-PDU-API standard/PRODIS.PDU (ISO 22900-2):

 • UDS on CAN.
 • OBD on CAN und K line.
 • KWP2000 on ISO-TP, TP2.0, TP1.6 and K line.
 • KW1281 on TP1.6 and K line.
 • SAE J1939.
 • DoIP.

MAN-cats III - MAN-computer assisted testing and diagnostic system. This special tool gives user the greatest possible test depth for vehicles, bus/coach chassis and engines for installation. The compact system is ideal for workshop use and mobile use. MAN-cats is mobile, easy to use and has durable components.

Supported all MAN and Neoplan vehicles for:

 • Diagnostic.
 • Monitoring.
 • Calibration.
 • Tests.
 • Parameter programming.

Supported languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Czech, Portuguese, Romanian, Norwegian.

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