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2023 Mitsubishi MUT-3 Diagnostic Software 21061-00 with Special J2534 Drivers Package

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2023 Mitsubishi MUT-3 Diagnostic Software 21061-00
With Special J2534 Package
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Fuso Not Supported 

Mitsubishi OEM Diagnostic Software with J2534 drivers Package

A personal computer (PC) is connected to the MUTIII unit and used as a system's control terminal, and communicates with a vehicle ECU through the VCI. In addition to being able to handle all diagnosis functions covered by the conventional MUT-II tester, the MUT-III system can display data as easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs on a large screen of the PC. Unlike the MUT-II, the MUT-III can retain data on all vehicles, from old to new models, classified according to destination in the PC's hard disk. This eliminates the awkward but essential job with the MUT-II, of switching the data list (communications protocol data and diagnosis item list database) by replacing

Supported adapters:

  • Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 (original) - Full Support
  • ScanDoc Compact (J2534) - Full Support
  • Scanmatik 2 Pro - Full Support
  • Toyota Mini-VCI - CAN vehicles support without reprogramming and long codings writing (ETACS 2013+). Driver for Mini-VCI.
  • Chipsoft J2534 - Full support for CAN auto, partial support for K-line (SRS, ABS and ECUs that use pin 1 in the diagnostic connector will not work)
  • Other J2534 adapters - provided that the adapter is 100% compliant.

Supported features:

diagnostics of all electronic systems of Mitsubishi vehicles;

viewing and recording of operating parameters in real time;

ECU coding;

ECU programming and updating;

Adaptations impemention and resetting;

Service procedures;

VIN number changing in ECUs;

ETACS option coding;

Component calibration including hybrid engines;

ETACS reset;

Key programming.

What operations can be performed:

Updating of the engine file, automatic transmission, ETACS and other modules;

Outlander PHEV battery calibarting;

Resetting ETACS from disassembly to factory state (with blank VIN) and its binding;

Restoring factory encodings;

Many other special features that are only available on dealer equipment.

Product Details :
Region:   All regions
Language including: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Czech, German, Greek, Italian, Turkish, and Russian.
OS:  Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 - 32bit / 64bit 
Quantity of CD:   1 DVD
 Date of update:   05/2023