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Calt term v5.10 Engineering Tools For All Cumins Engines- Latest 2023 Version

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Calt term v5.10 Engineering Tool For Cumins Engines
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Latest Version 2023 !
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Calt term v5.10 is the Latest 2023 Engineering Tool For For All Models Of Cummings Engines - Online Installation And Activation!

The new version of Calt term 5.10 is an engineering development and testing tool used to monitor the Electronic Control Module (ECM) for the Cummings engine system and to alter the calibration data contained therein. 

What functions do you think can be performed using Calt term 4?

- Perform Installation Quality Assurance testing
- Perform DPF regeneration
- View active and inactive fault codes
- Troubleshoot integration issues
- Troubleshoot calibration issues
- Collect engine/AT test data

Cummings Calt term can be used to:

– monitor ECM or any J1939/Datalink device parameters
– temporarily change calibrations
– view and erase fault codes
– log ECM and J1939/Datalink parameters

When to use Calt term 4 and not site?

There are several instances when Calt term  is a preferred tool over site:
– Calt term 4 allows the user to access additional parameters in the ECM
– Calt term 4 can log data at a faster rate
– Calt term 4 allows a user to temporary change calibrations and override parameters during testing

The supported DLA kits for Cummings Calt term 

[Diagnostic adapter interface] Cummings Inline 7 Data Link Adapter

Software config file is a text file that contains and assign the engine
parameters, along with their scaling and location inside the ECM

There are two types of software configuration files:

– .e2m (Core 1 products e.g EPA 2004 and below), and
– .ecfg (Core 2 products (Core 2 products e.g Above EPA 2007)

Engineering and FieldEngineering levels

Change log:

Following are the release contents for Calterm v5.8.0.022 (Cardinal):

New Engine product support
New features
· OTT – UDS Normal and Test routine
· Tuning History Log
· CSAR D3 DTC status
· CSAR D3 Multi segment download
· CSE 03 Cyber Security: UDS Download
· CCUTY XCP client-CLIP Server support
· Windchill EJR format for upload to SPEED
· Display calibration CVN in unstructured assembler report
· Using ECM CAN id, Tool CAN id from A2L when working with XCP
· Protected Calterm for CSAR
Significant PR/CR Fixes:
· Crash issue with PUMA long duration testing
· Memory leak issue when loading Calterm screen multiple times
· Copy/Paste performance issue with table/array
· Calterm/CCSH does not update the changes for table/array of hex values
· Have graphical screen available for both IOCom and Telerix
· ASAM feature is not overriding the decimal values
CSAR monitoring data by address ​​​​​​​

Following are the release contents for Calterm v5.4.0.036 :

New Engine product support

New features
* OTT – UDS DTC Faults, DTC fault snapshots
* OTT – UDS Session access and Security Levels
* OTT – UDS Start/Stop public broadcast (Communication Control)
* OTT – UDS ECU Reset
* CCSH/CCUTY Standalone
* CCSH Read parameter using read-group API
* Revert the current axis display direction
* Shared axis display for CSAR
* Creating screen file in the offline mode
* Provide multiple rows selection in Structured Subfile Selection window
Significant PR/CR Fixes:
* Editor memory leak issue
* Editor improvements graphical representation for Matrix Dim parameters
* CCSH and CUTY critical DCRs
* CLI support for CSAR
* CCUTY Crash issue in PUMA

– Perform Installation Quality Assurance testing
– Perform DPF regeneration
– View active and inactive fault codes
– Troubleshoot integration issues
– Troubleshoot calibration issues
– Collect engine/AT test data

System requirements

- Windows 7, 8.1, 10 , 11 x86/x64 Bit Platforms
- At least 5 Gb of free space on your HDD
- Cummings Hardware interface to establish a connection between the vehicle ECM and Cummings Caltterm software



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Product Details :

Region:   All regions

Languages:   English

OS:  VISTA, Win7 x32, x64 Windows 8.0 8.1 8,2 x32 x64  Win10 x32, x64 Win11

Quantity of CD:   1 DVD

 Date of update:  02/2023





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