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Professional Installation Service Included

DAF / PACCAR VCI 2 Interface & Davie Software KIT - Diagnostic Adapter- Include Latest Davie 3 & Devtools - Windows 10 Supported !!

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DAF VCI 2 Interface & Davie Software KIT - Diagnostic Adapter- Include Latest Davie XDc II ! Full Online Installation & Support !
Latest 2018 Updated !
Support Peterbilt And Kenworth Trucks With Paccar Engine !
EXCLUSIVE !! Only Our Kit Will Support Windows 10 !!
All Models Up To 2018 Supported !
Include Worldwide DHL Express Shipping !!
Vci 2 Support FULL Diagnose Fault Codes And Reprogramming - Include Force Regen For All Paccar Engines !!!
DAF\Paccar VCI 2 All Diagnostics And Programming For All Paccar Engines And All DAF Trucks Old Or Newer EURO 6
Include :
  1. DAVIE Developer Tool For special programming and Service Level ( included in the package)
  2. DAVIE Configurator (DEVIK) For SCR/AdBlue removal, power increase, language programming see . ( included in the package)
  • Support Force Regen and All Dpf System Diagnostics 
  • Reprogramming Enabled 
  • Support Turbo Calibration
    And Much More !!
VCI Lite Diagnostics Options :

Direct Testing mode allows immediate selection of individual control units and direct test of their components and functions.

Guided Diagnosis - Using the combination of self-diagnosis symptoms (content of fault memory) and observed symptoms (complaints from customer), the system generates a test plan and guides the user along the shortest route to the suspect component.

HD-OBD mode allows immediate selection of DAF independent control units and direct testing of their components and functions.

EOL (End Of Line) mode
used in stations of the production area and allows programming, calibration, health check and diagnosing of newly produced vehicles.

You can switch between HD-OBD mode and EOL mode.

Comparison between DAF VCI Lite and VCI560:
DAF VCI 2 in comparasion to VCI560 has only one part missing, that is not needed for any diagnostic, reprograming, configuring purposes and DAVIE will be fully functional, it will not see ignition from OBD, and does not have status LED and wifi (ONLY USB).


    VCI 2 Package Included:

    • DAF VCI lite
    • 9-Pin Cable For North America Models  
    • OBD2 cable
    • 16-pin round cable adapter (for older trucks)
    • USB cable

    COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE (With Lifetime Official Updates):

     DAF Davie XDc II Runtime 5.6.1 (Windows 10 supported !!)

     DAF Davie Application 95.01 - Latest Version

     DAF Davie Parts Rapido Subset 19.40.F0 - Latest Version 



    Troubleshoot And Program:

    • After treatment system.
    • Auxialiary system.
    • Break system.
    • CAB climate system.
    • Communication system.
    • Door control system.
    • Engine system.
    • HDOBD.
    • Instrumentation system.
    • Power supply and ground.
    • Retarder system.
    • Safety system.
    • Security system.
    • Steering control system.
    • Suspension system.
    • Tachograph.
    • Transmission system.
    • Vehicle control system.


    With The Supplied 16pin Cable ALL Old DAF Trucks Supported : 

    • DAF CF 65   2001-2006
    • DAF CF 75   2001-2005
    • DAF CF 85   2001-2005
    • DAF LF 45   2001-2005
    • DAF LF 45   MY 2006 (ECS-DC3 only)
    • DAF LF 45   2009-20010
    • DAF LF 55   2001-2005
    • DAF LF 55   MY2006 (ECS-DC3 only)
    • DAF LF 55   2009-2010
    • DAF XF 95   2001-2006


    Optional Software :

    For special programming and Service Level see DAVIE Developer Tool (DEVIE DT). 
    (Not included in the package)

    For SCR/AdBlue removal, power increase, language programming see DAVIE Configurator (DEVIK). (included in the package)

    Supported languages: English, German, Dutch, Danish, Czech, French, Italian, Finnish, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Polish, Turkish.


    All trucks is supported till truck is programmed with davie4, 
    So trucks up to 2017 if has pci/pmci unit and not reprogrammed with davie 4 will be fully supported. if reprogrammed then only DTC and actual values available, no reprogramming (downgrade).
    Still Can fully Diagnose and clear fault codes and regen and etc ... 


    We Are Offering Full Teamviewer Support ,
     We will Connect To your Pc And Install The Software For you !

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