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Professional Installation Service Included

DOOSAN uVIM Adapter For All Doosan Machines Diagnostic Tool Kit -Online Installation And Support



DOOSAN uVIM Adapter For All Doosan Machines Diagnostic Tool Kit
Online Installation And Activation Service !

Express DHL Worldwide Shipping Included!!
DOOSAN uVIM Adapter is the latest generation of the Communication Adapter group, 
Same as Dealership Interface !

DOOSAN uVIM Adapter can be used by dealership technicians to interface with specific machines that have a Controller Area Network (CAN) BUS as part of the electronic system architecture.
Doosan Diagnostic Tool is for the diagnostics of electronic fuel injection diesel engines.

Supported Features:
 • Engine Fault Codes / Description / TSG.
 • Service Data Monitoring (Data Loging).
 • Engine and Electric Sensor parameter displaying.
 • Engine Data Freeze Frame.
 • Engine Routine Test for trouble shooting and performance.
 • Parts On-Off Test.
 • Parts Replacement
 • ECU Map reflashing.
 • ECU Information.
 • Parts On-Off Test.
 • EOL - Fuel Variant Coding.

Hardware & Software Included :

• uVIM Communication Interface
 • USB cable
 • 8-pin cable
 • 14-pin cable
 • DDT G2 Scan (DCU, ECU)
 • Massey Ferguson Engine Alanyzer (DCU, ECU)
 • DMS-5 (monitoring)

Supported types TIER-3, TIER-4:
 • Forklift.
 • Excavator (CN).
 • Loader (SF, MF, EX-MF, LF).
 • Toolcat.
 • Model (Solar, DX, U, V, DL, H, K, C).

Supported languages: English, Korean.

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