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MTU DiaSys 2.73 Diagnostic Software 2021 - Never Expire Without Usb Dongle !

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MTU DiaSys 2.73 Diagnostic Software 2021
Never Expire Without Usb Dongle !

Highest Level 2 Support configure new ECU or preprogram !

DiaSys Is the dealer interface to communicate with various MTU controllers, RCS-5 Remote Control Systems and MCS-5 Monitoring and Control Systems.

The main features of the program:

Data exchange with the central database;
Controller parameter setting;
Data recording.

New features:

* ECU-7, ECU-9: New function “Plants project identification”: Reads out and displays PU-run information from the ECU.

* ECU-9, SXU: PV recorder “Emission Status”: Reads out and displays emission status information from the ECU.

* SXU: PV-Recorder General: Reads out the configurable PV recorder from the ECU and displays it.

* EXU-ESD: Injector wear Upload and Export: Reads out information from the ECU injector wear and exports it to a CSV file.

* SXU: Support of crash recorder functionality analog to ECU-7/8/9.

* ECU-9, SXU: New function “hot shutdown counter resetfunction”.

* ECU-9, SXU: New function “NH3 HC count resetfunction”.

* ECU-9, SXU: New function “HC1 and HC2 load resetfunction”.

* ECU-7, ECU-9: Information about logged emergency starts are read out from the ECU and displayed .

* EXU-EMU9: New function “Splash oil calibration”

Supported languages: German, English.