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Professional Installation Service Included

Com 3 Adapter Interface - For All Perkkins Engine Diagnostic Tool Kit -EST 2021 Online Installation Included !



Com 3 Adapter -Engine Diagnostic Tool Kit - Communication Adapter III Kit - EST2021 Online Installation & Support  Included !

EST2015A is the Dealer Software For All Models Of Perkkins Engines.

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EST-Olympian (Electronic Service Tool) is a diagnostic software for Perkkins engines, which provides the user with an effective tool for diagnosing problems of the engine and the ability to configure the system parameters.

EST enables the user to:

  • Override Powerwizard level three passwords
  • Configure and/or change system parameters
  • Display, graph and record logs of parameter status
  • Display the status of a group of parameters (temperatures, pressures, etc)
  • View and clear active and logged diagnostic codes
  • View and clear active and logged event codes
  • Display, view or change the current Configuration File or Base level Flash File
  • Upload, download and save configuration files
  • View a list of irregularities logged by the ECM (engine control module)
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Perform calibrations
  • Print reports and diagnostic results.

Package list :

1*Perkins EST interface
1*6pin and 9 pin cable
1*usb cable

The COM 3 Software Display:

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