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Professional Installation Service Included

Scania Diagnostic Interface & Laptop Kit With Latest SDP3 v 2.48 Diagnostic & Programmer Latest version 2021

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Scania Diagnostic Interface & Laptop Kit With Latest SDP3 v 2.48 Diagnostic & Programmer Latest version 2021

2021- FULL Version !  Never Expire License Included !

Scania SDP3 v 2.4 Diagnostic & Programmer is the Latest Dealer Software For All Models Of Scania Equipment- Online Installation And Activation!

Version : v.2.48
Developer : Scania CV AB
Language : Multilingual

Package Included:

1 x Preinstalled CF-52 Thoughbook Laptop With New Battery - I5 CPU !
1 x Scania VCI3 Interface

CF-52 Tough Book Laptop Specs :

  • Cpu : i5 +-2800Mhz 
  • RAM : 8GB
  • 500Gb SSD Drive For Superb Performance
  • New Battery 
  • Windows 7 Professional 64bit
  • Highest Quality Manufacturer Refurbished - All Parts New !
  • One Year Warranty On ALL ! - Software & Hardware ! 
  • Real Time Online Tech Support With Teamviewer

1.The adapter does not work with trucks and engines manufactured before 2004

2. Only work on WIN7 64bit system

SCANIA VCI3 Description:

1. Scania VCI3 is designed to support all S'cania diagnostic systems based on CAN network, it’s a extremely fast yet very compact diagnostic tool.

2. One of the most interesting new features that can be found in Scania VCI3 is a Wifi wireless connection (also there is a USB connector for wired connection).

3. From now you can work without wired connection to your truck, just forget these problems like damaged data cables and other disadvantages of wired connections.

4. Software support for S'cania VCI3 appeared in S'cania SDP3 2.18 version so if you want to use this tool you need this version of SDP3 or later versions of this software.

5. The device is designed for full service trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles, which produces the corporation S'CANIA. Adapter works in conjunction with software SDP-3.

6. The adapter does not work with trucks and engines manufactured before 2004.

7. The main feature of VCI-3 - Work through a high-speed WI-FI connection. Also in the device has a USB port.

SCANIA VCI3 Features :

1. WLAN version 802.11b/g

2. Encryption protocols: WPA2/WPA/WEP128/WEP64

3. USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1)

4. Lightweight aluminum housing with IP67 protection

5. Polyurethane cables for extreme conditions.

6. Operating voltage CAN BUS (7 - 40V DC)


Optional Software:

 XCOM 2.26 - Diagnostic Software for Chip tuning

About SDP3 Complete Unexpired Software :

Scania Diagnos & Programmer 3 (SDP3) communicates with Scania vehicles and Scania industrial and marine engines.
The program has been developed to support the electrical system with CAN communication.
The program is used for troubleshooting, adjusting customer parameters,
calibrations, conversions affecting the electrical system and updating software in control units.

Scania diagnostic software works with VCI 2 interface
Highest level access
Internal Scania
Industry & Marine
Authorized Scania Workshops
Scania SDP3 Features:
Check and adjustements
Fault Codes
Fault Reporting
Programming of Control units

Internet connection 512 kbit/s or more is required to carry out the following Scania services:

Product update
 Factory supported conversion
 Remote diagnostics
 Saving/reading operational data
 Updating the SOPS file at Scania
 Activating a product key for RMI licence


We Are Offering Full Teamview Support & Service,
We will Connect To your Pc 
To Install & Activate The Software For you !!


Product Details :

Region:   All regions

Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Suomi, Turkish, Italian, Czech, Russian, Chinese.

OS:   Win7 64 Bit  ONLY !

 Date of update:   05/2021



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